How They Grow So Fast?

How they grow so fast? Only them or we also? Of course I’m talking about our children constantly grow too fast, we grow at the same rate; It is as if he spent only one year but spent five years.

5 years from the day I was for first time mommy looks so incredible, really when I found out that I am pregnant, is like yesterday all as strongly in me.The tests, the results, waiting every month for the notorious ultrasound. Waiting to see a shadow, but so beautiful in your eyes and then anguish will be girl or boy. And as you reach the end both catches the stress of childbirth and all leftovers. And when it finally came the day when you came to the world, our indescribable joy. As a first impression, I said <is this baby mine>? Two parents pale blond that we took this black hair and red like strawberry baby. But when I got you in to my arms I knew you were my baby. And while I was in the clinic I couldn’t take my eyes off you I was sitting there and gazing so small and so beautiful. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY IN THE WORLD! Like all moms claim. And then at home, can in the beggining be all a bit difficult until we “know each other” better, but all will find their way !! And the time rolls and you begin to understand, crawling, walking, talking. Say MOM, DAD as habit is for your ears now, both then waited anxiously. Say ma … ma you said da … da. And “we started fighting” with my husband because he was giving you hidden lessons. But time rolls on and running of the day we do not understand how time comes by and we wake up one day and say my child has a birthday and is 5 years old. And do not believe that your baby that you had in your arms grew so fast … There come days when I say when my babies grew up so quickly i wish they stay forever babies! Yet, every time we make the same question to ourselves. I hope we all have our health and see our kids and big as they want!

As for me to Happy Birthday to my Sophia always be so cheerful and happy! ♥ ♥ ♥





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